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Latest News (Winter 2022)

Hey there all you jazz fans and curious onlookers!

Winter has arrived in Alaska. School is in full swing, and I find myself in year 11 as East Anchorage High School's Choir Director. Fun gig. Dang tiring, but fun.

I'm very excited to announce that I've returned to performing at Sullivan's Steakhouse. When Sullivan's opened in the late 90's, I was in the house band with Greg Holloway, Ray Booker and Jeff Baird. We had some big fun for sure. Even with the cigars and TV screens. After 9 years, many different General Managers, and many different variations of the band, I made an exit. Well, now, some 15 years later, I've returned. Happy to say I'm playing every Thursday (except the first of the month) with my pals Dirk Westfall and Pat Owens. The cigars are long gone and the TV screens have multiplied. But the tunes are again flowing. Food and drink is still plentiful and fantastic. So...I must say it's good to be back playing jazz downtown on a regular basis! Catch me on occasion at O'Malley's on the Green as well.

As the holidays quickly approach, I am wishing you all a joyous season full of love, togetherness, and most of all -- MUSIC! Live music has returned to many venues in Anchorage, and my fellow musicians are hungry to share their talents with an appreciative audience.

As always..."Be Kind and Sing On"!

~ Jazzmom

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