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Latest News - October 2019

It’s October already. Holy smokes Batman. Where does the time go? Well, I can tell you where it goes. I fill my days teaching 100+ high school choir students, being proud of my 4 kids (3 of whom are in college and one a full time workforce member), preparing for cool concerts, taking the dogs out for a run, remodeling parts of my home, and the list goes one. I am NEVER bored, that is for sure!

This summer I went to Germany with my husband Tony and of the kids for a biking excursion through the Bavarian Lakes region. It was stunningly beautiful and cool! 50 mile ride the first day. Yikes! Thank goodness for the Alaska Club membership and Spin classes.

East HS still rocks and my singers are so talented. Teaching choir is absolutely the best gig in the building. You’ve gotta come hear a concert. Check my appearances calendar for school concerts as well as my own gigs.

Get out there and hear some live music, ya’ll! kind, every day. It CAN make a difference.

Melissa “The Jazzmom”

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