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Greetings from the "JAZZMOM"

Latest News - August 2018 seems that I am quite overdue with an update to the “Latest News” page. So...what’s new? Double meaning there.

On March 27th (the anniversary of the ’64 Earthquake) I broke my right index finger while out exercising my dogs. Crazy accident. I fell on some ice. One of the leashes just jerked my finger, and I sustained an avulsion fraction on the first joint of the finger. Ouch. What’s unbelievable is----it’s still in the process of healing. I do physical therapy (don’t laugh) everyday on my own, and even still, go see a therapist every other week or so. Once I finished my school commitments last May, I quit playing piano. It hurt too much, and I wasn’t playing very well either. Doubly frustrating! I will return to the band stand Friday August 31st at O’Malley’s on the Green with an all-star line-up. Me, Ray Booker, Pat Owens, Cameron Cartland, and Ray Ash. You better come out. 6:30-9:00pm. We’re planning on having some major FUN.

School starts in just a week or two. Year number 10 in the district for me, and beginning year 8 at East HS. It’s still a great gig. I love the challenges, the kiddos and (most of) the people with whom I work. My life is full and I am fortunate. That’s for sure.

I do hope you’re “getting out there” to listen to live music. You sustain “us”.

Sing on!

“The Jazzmom”

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