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Latest News -April, 2016

Good heavens where does the time go? Oh….I know. I’ve been BUSY!!! I’m finishing up my 5th year as choir director at East Anchorage High School. A REALLY good gig. I love it, and it certainly keeps me on the go. I recently had some very cool gigs including the Nat King Cole tribute with John Teamer and a big band of notable Anchorage stalwarts. Also, I just had the good fortune to perform with some imported jazz heavyweights at the Valley Jazz Festival- including Tom “Bones” Malone from Blues Brothers fame, Las Vegas and Seattle vocalist (and best bud) Rob Hyatt, saxophonists Mark Colby (Chicago) and Greg Yazinitsky (Pullman WA) and Seattle trumpeter Rich Wetzel. These guys were hot…and they let me hang with them. On stage and off. Very fun.

Soon summer will be here. I have some gigs planned which I will put on the appearances page, and I’ll also be doing some traveling and hoping to sit in with jazz folks in the different parts of the world that I’ll find myself! Greece in July, for instance. Do they even have jazz there….? I’ll find out and get back to you.

Make it a priority to go hear some live music. Jazz is the one true American art form…you knew that, right? We’ve got to keep it alive by going to performances, buying music (like one of my Cd’s maybe ) and sharing the love of this beautiful music with the younger generation(s).

Thanks for your support. See you at a gig…


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