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Latest News -July, 2017

Holy smokes! How did it get to be July of 2017 already? Wow!!! I finished my sixth year of teaching choir at East Anchorage HS in late May. It is still an exhilarating job that I love. Never have I worked so hard. And, never have I been rewarded so richly. My students are wonderful, and I have an amazing staff with whom I work.

Of course, as “The Jazzmom”, I continue to perform music around our fair city and state. My gigs are fewer and farther between, by choice, as I seem to get pickier as I get older! I still adore my bass player extraordinaire and best bud, Dirk Westfall. And, I round out the band with the incomparable Brandon Cockburn on drums and tasty trumpeter, Pat Owens. I am a lucky gal to say the least.

My family continues to mature and amaze me. Oldest daughter Sarah graduated from college in 2016 and will enter Physical Therapy School Fall of 2018 for a doctorate in PT. Matt continues to work on an engineering degree at Oregon State University and UAA, while traveling and working on the slope in between studies. Busy fella. Rachel is a junior at Willamette University and youngest daughter, Becca, is a sports star at East HS entering her senior year. My husband, along with the dog Rooney, rounds out the family, and are both healthy and happy.

I still have a few CD’s left in my garage that are awaiting a good home. Feel free to drop me a line at and get a good start on that pesky Christmas list. I can set you up.

I hope you continue to get out and hear live music in Anchorage and beyond. Your encouragement and support sustain us as performing and recording artists!

I hope to see you at a gig! “Be kind everyday”...

Melissa “Jazzmom” Fischer


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