Current Performances

This calendar includes not only “Jazzmom” performances but also performances of the award winning East Anchorage HS choirs.

Dear Friends and Fans,

At this time I'm not playing very many public performances, but rather, a number of private engagements. If you're interested in hosting a fun and exciting jazz event at your home or a designated venue, please consider including me ("The Jazzmom") and maybe some of my "guys"! And, let's all resolve to resurrect a REAL jazz club in Anchorage, so we can once again listen to, and celebrate a true American art form.


Friday, September 10th - 7PM to 10PM

Jazzmom @ O'Malley's on the Green - Joined by Dirk WestfallDirk Westfall , Pat Owens and Cameron Cartland.

CD's are available at Melissa's performances, as well as all leading CD outlets. You can also purchase them directly, by writing to:

Melissa Bledsoe Fischer
2960 Drake Drive
Anchorage, AK 99508

CD's are $15 each, plus $2 shipping and handling.

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